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Since 1983 Timberland Services LLC has served hundreds of clients throughout North Louisiana and South Arkansas. Our goal has always been to establish long term business relationships that pass, with confidence, from one generation to the next. With an ever changing forest industry, it is extremely important that our clients have a trusted and knowledgeable source of assistance they can depend upon. Our staff is composed of six graduate foresters, an agricultural business major and one forest technician. Office personnel manage accounts, hunting leases, payroll and many other requirements needed to keep things in order.

We have long recognized that there is a delicate balance between landowners and industry. Market trends and conditions require constant monitoring so sound business decisions can be made. Trees are a long term investment and mistakes take many years to overcome. We can help you avoid the pitfalls and successfully reach the goals you set for your forest. Because of our many years of experience, day to day involvement in the industry, and a vision toward the future, we feel we are well positioned to meet the challenges faced by the next generation of forest owners.

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